dimecres, 24 de desembre del 2014

When did You break, Y?

Y. & me met each other in the Kindergarten. I remember playing with him then.

Later our parents brought us to the same primary school, where we grew together. He was one of my friends and I was quite fond of him. 
In fact, for a lot of us he was a leader in the playground, a leader who did not play soccer, like the others. He played basketball.
He passed his exams without problems, with quite good average qualifications.
That was more or less until we finished Primary School.

Then came High School...
Two weeks after the term had begun he broke one of his knees. Due to this Y lost almost the whole basketball season.
Later, on summer, back aches. Although that he came to summer camp in the mountain. It was his last camp.
There was no more leadership in three aspects that teenagers worthed: sports, academical or the class. I could call that grey personality.

Where was the breakdown? Something, somehow, someway broke happened at the end of childhood and beginning of boyhood. I wonder what.      

Four years later we finished High School and decided to study at the University. I chose what I wanted, what I liked, and finished it in the right years. 
Did Y choose what he wanted? or maybe was his election forced by another one? What I know is that after three years he left the studies.
Three years lost.
That was also the time we lost contact to each other. I wrote about it some years ago: I realized who was trying to keep friendship and who wasn't. An unidirectional way.

I've met him some times more, but things are not the same: just greeting, asking formal questions and goodbye!